The Gatsbys are a unique musical act available for private performances. They specialize in acoustic background and dance music for weddings, and also provide DJ services. Besides being the most handsome and well-behaved in their field, the Gatsbys are also the tallest wedding band in the World. They are the perfect alternative to those silk shirt-wearing, saxophone playing top-forty cover bands or uptight string quartets. When you listen to the Gatsbys, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their beautiful melodies and smart covers of your favorite hits, translated into wonders easily palatable to people of all ages and tastes.

The Gatsbys are available for weddings, corporate events, conventions, private parties, and other special occasions. Micah, Cedric and Grant have been playing music together for nearly a decade. In 2006, they played at their first wedding, and have since dedicated their time to providing wonderfully unique music for weddings and events. With their vast repertoire of songs, the Gatsbys provide a delightful spectrum of sound. Additionally, the Gatsbys are happy to learn your favorite songs, ensuring that your special day will sound as wonderful as it looks!